How To Cure Bad Breath From Stomach

Everybody gets bad breath from time to time. However, when you start noticing that your breath is always smelling funky all day long you have a problem you need to address. Also known as halitosis, bad breath becomes a chronic problem when the cause isn't dealt with right away.

There are various things that could cause bad breath and leave a person's social life in shambles. Until you figure out what's causing your bad breath it doesn't matter how many times you brush your teeth, what type of toothpaste you use, what kind of mints you chew on, or anything like that. You have to get to the source of the problem and eliminate it for good.

What's The Common Cause of Bad Breath?

The most common cause of bad breath is definitely bacteria. When bacteria builds up in your mouth it can leave your mouth smelling less than pleasant all day long. However, bacteria build up inside your mouth isn't the only way that bad breath develops. You can also develop chronic bad breath when your digestive system isn't in good health.

Bad Breath Coming From the Stomach

Bad breath that comes from the stomach isn't uncommon. Many suffer from various digestive disorders that are known to lead to bad breath. Some of the most common digestive disorders known to cause bad breath include:

Ulcers - This stomach problem is brought on by the H. pylori bacteria. When this bacteria infects your stomach bad breath is almost guaranteed to follow. If you want to learn how to fix bad breath from stomach you need to learn how to stop the H. pylori bacteria.

Acid Reflux - Acid reflux is a very common digestive disorder that affects millions of people around the world. This digestive disorder can be tricky to deal with because it comes out of nowhere. However, if you look for some of the symptoms associated with this disorder you'll be able to catch it early and treat it. The most commonly used treatment for acid reflux are PPI medications. However, other than PPIs you can also make necessary adjustments in your diet to get rid of this problem. Some of these adjustments in your daily diet include eating more vegetables and non-acidic fruits. You also want to stay away from foods that could trigger your acid reflux symptoms. Things like coffee, fatty foods, and chocolate can all trigger your acid reflux and lead to more smelly breath.


Once you learn exactly what's causing your bad breath you can then take the necessary steps to get rid of it. However, even after you treat the underlying cause you still need to practice good dental hygiene practices. Things like brushing your teeth and flossing daily should be at the top of your priority list.

You should also invest in a good tongue scraper to scrape all the odor causing bacteria away from your tongue. Once you practice good dental hygiene on a daily basis you won't have to worry about your breath smelling like something crawled in it and died.

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